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A client testimonial is the ultimate compliment and what we work towards in everything we do. Below is a sample of what RJCARS' clients have to say about us.

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The biggest thing is picking a shop with people that are good to work with. Russell and his crew are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. The work they do is flawless; there's never any doubt in your mind. It wasn't inexpensive, but when everything was done, it was done the way it should have been.

Art Handzlik - 1969 Dodge Charger R/T


Thank you again for selecting our Daytona Shelby to be part of the Shelby Reunion. We are proud of this achievement and have to extend our sincerest appreciation to the team at RJ Cars for restoring the Shelby to the level worthy of a spot in Building T. Then to discover that the car was pictured on the event guide, shirts, sweatshirts, etc..... it just left me speechless! The Drolet's

Alan, Michelle, Zachary and Nathan - 1989 Dodge Daytona Shelby


You have become one of the premier restorers in our hobby and I'm sure everyone knows it.

Alex Futter - 1969 Dodge Hemi Super Bee


Spent probably an hour running around the back roads. Oh what fun! Even got to punch it a few times on a few straight-a-ways – yeah, it’s got some power. Can’t wait to see if I can spin the tires…. I’m very pleased with my ‘new’ car. Really looking forward to using it! I most certainly made the right choice.

Dan Knapp - 1971 Dodge Demon


The '72 'Cuda that you brought has to be one of the finest restored '72s in existence so accepting it in the Barracuda display was a no-brainer. If I haven't told you this before, your shop is one of a handful that when you apply for Invitational, I know the car will be done and the quality will be without question.

Ed Buczeskie

Carlisle Events Manager

Communications were frequent and clear. The shop was always immaculate. Personnel were exceptional and everyone called you by name. I highly recommend RJ Cars for your car restoration projects. You will be pleased!

Ed Jackson


My search for a quality restoration shop led me to Russell Jacobs, of RJ CARS, INC. After many emails and phone calls, I decided to put the project into his hands. When the car arrived at his shop, he told me that most of the cars that come to him for a full rotisserie restoration didn't look this good. I said wait til you get under it". "When I decided to do this, I told Russ that this was my first car when I turned 16 and started driving, I want to save it. We got a little carried away with some of the drive train, but that's the kid in all of us showing. I plan on owning this car forever with the job RJ CARS did, I believe it will outlast me know

Jeff Shook - 1971 Dodge Super Bee


RJ Cars performed bodywork and painted our 1933 Dodge hot rod to a show quality standard. The body was stripped, straightened, and prepped with meticulous attention to detail resulting in a true mirror black finish; no ripples, no waves, no dirt. Personnel are skilled. They exhibit initiative, enthusiasm, and welcome the customer's involvement and visits. The facility is clean, well lighted , well organized and has up to date equipment. I think RJ Cars can meet any standard or expectation with no disappointments.

Joe Pierson - 1933 Dodge


WOW - Looks AMAZING.... Now that’s the car I remember

John Dunworth - 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T


During my search for a professional restoration shop to which I could In trust my '17 Loco, I was looking for a shop where all the staff adhered to a singular discipline of performance. A shop that presented itself as organized, clean & well managed. A staff that was permitted to talk to the client with full transparency. My opinion is that for a business to be successful, it cannot present a "split personality" of quality of output. I found what I was looking for during my first visit, and am pleased that I made the decision to entrust a vehicle of great historical significance (world's' oldest remaining dual cowl/dual windshield) into your hands.

John McAlpin - 1917 Locomobile


RJ Cars is a top of the line shop. Their attention to detail and quality of work are outstanding. When important decisions needed to be made they were discussed with us first so there were no surprises. We were always welcome to visit the shop to check on the progress being made. A great shop plus a great crew equal a happy customer.

Marilyn Pierson


Russell and team, thanks for doing the V24 hood option and details exactly as we discussed. It's just like I had hoped! Pleasure to do business with your first class operation you've got there. Knowledge, High standards, Integrity, attention to detail, communication.... it was a very good experience overall. Thanks Russell, Jason and all!

Mike Leary - 1971 Plymouth Duster 340


Russell - Got the 66 Hemi Charger back last night around 8 pm. The car looks and runs great. Feel free to use me as a reference any time. The quality of your work is great and more importantly, you kept in constant communication with me as to the progress being made on my car. Again thanks and be sure if I need any other work done on this car or my other car, your shop would be where I will send it.

Myron Plotkin - 66 Hemi Charger


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