Auto and Truck Repair Services

Classic Car Repair and Refurbishment

We use BASF/R-M Diamont Automotive Refinish Products for a high quality, long-lasting finish. We can handle all your insurance claims and deal directly with your insurance company to get you back on the road promptly.

Mechanical Systems

Whether it's car or truck engines, drive-train, brakes, suspension, we offer a full line of repair/rebuilding services for classic and modern vehicles.


Whether you're looking for a quick cleanup or a brand-new smell inside your vehicle, we can do the job! Headliners, carpets, seats, door panels, dashes and instruments: we can do it all. We also offer convertible and vinyl top installation.


We offer engine detailing, suspension/undercarriage detailing and more. From a simple wash/wax/interior clean to a complete show-ready buff and shine, we offer the services you need to make your ride look great.

Stainless | Aluminum Polishing

From windshield moldings to custom trim parts, we know how to take those old part and bring back that shiny finish.

Glass Replacement For Classic Cars

Complete windshield and door glass replacement. Have some light scratches in a hard to replace piece of glass? Chances are we can polish them.

Sandblasting | Glass Bead Blasting

From the smallest of bolts to a truck box, we can strip it back to bare metal and make it look like new with a fresh coat of Primer and paint. We also restore many antiques, ranging from old gas pumps to antique pedal cars and cast iron lawn furniture.

Instrument Spec
MAC Tools
Mopar CG
Motorhead Digital
Nova Verta
Ryan Agencies
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